Andreas Schwerin
Andreas Schwerin
Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH (WFS)
Project Manager Lausitz Investor Center
Tel: +49 351 21 38 232
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Philipp Ruta
Philipp Ruta
Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH (WFBB)
Lausitz Invest Investorenbetreuung
Tel: +49 331 – 73061-213

One-to-one support from a single source

Support provided locally, by specialists from the region: at the Lusatia Investor Center, you can access attractive locations and funding, tailored consulting services, support in dealing with government agencies and points of contact in the region. The Lusatia Investor Center considers itself a guide for the Lusatia region, helping investors to navigate through decision-making processes without losing their way. We collaborate closely with the regional economic development agencies, Lusatia industry networks, chambers of commerce and industry, associations and research and educational establishments. In their own business attraction offices in Cottbus and Weißwasser, and in the Lusatia Investor Center Showroom in the Dock3 Industrial Development Centre in Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park, our Lusatia Investor Team is on hand to help you with one-to-one consulting and location visits. Free of charge and with complete confidentiality. Contact us.

Together for Lusatia

With the Lusatia Investor Center, the Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS) and the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB) jointly support the economic, ecological and sustainable transformation of the dynamic industrial region of Lusatia. Across state boundaries, and in close collaboration with the Lusatia economic region, the Saxony Agency for Structural Development (SAS) and regional economic development agencies. Helping Lusatia to reach the goal of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.
A key role is played by green technology industries:

-    Environmentally friendly generation, storage and distribution of energy

-    Energy efficiency

-    Material and raw-material efficiency

-    Sustainable mobility

-    Recycling management

-    Sustainable water management

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as part of the programme STARK – strengthening transformation and new beginnings in mining states and coal power station sites.

The economic region of Lusatia and the Saxony Agency for Structural Development are your direct line to the districts, cities and municipalities of Lusatia. Are you looking to make contact?

Then please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help.