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The heart of Europe

The Görlitz district is where the sun first rises in Germany. Germany’s most eastern district is fully in tune with Europe – partly because the 15th meridian, which passes through Görlitz, determines the time for central Europe. But also because here, in the place where Poland and the Czech Republic meet, the intersection with Europe is part of day-to-day life.

Strong industrial companies for regional economic development

The soul of the district is the 254,000 inhabitants who live in the 39 municipalities and 14 towns. Thanks to the A4 national motorway and a well-developed network of A-roads, the district’s apparent remoteness is actually an advantage. Situated centrally between Wrocław, Dresden, Liberec and Prague, the metropolitan areas of the tri-border area are just a short journey away. This exclusive position in the heart of a genuine, tri-national economic area gives the third-largest district in the Free State of Saxony a special key role.

Our strong industrial companies are potential catalysts for economic development. Our industrial sectors have clearly defined potential for cluster processes in textiles, IT and machine and vehicle construction. Our high percentage of small and medium-sized enterprises – together with a balanced and usable portfolio of commercial and industrial areas – guarantees stable economic development.

Best opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and skilled workforce

Businesses in the IT sector are increasingly coming to appreciate the potential of this scientific environment.

For investors, business owners and skilled workers, now is the perfect time to bring their ideas and make them a reality.

The region can also point to above-average start-up activities for new companies: the new business initiatives indicator (NUI) places the district at the forefront when compared with the rest of the country.